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Watch Dial Guide

Watch dials are manufactured using a variety of technique and different materials. Listed below are the most popular we restore:

Plain dial (silver)

Example of Silver Watch Dial

This is an example of satin gloss finish. It is one of the simpliest and common dials. The dial finish is in silver with a printed logo and indexes, generally in black.

Embossed figures

Example of Watch Dial with Embossed Figures

This example of a commonly embossed dial is created in gold so as to contrast with the surface finish, usually in silver or pearl white.

Luminous figures

Example of Watch Dial with Luminous Figures

Black printed figures are applied to this refinished dial surface. An application of a luminous material then goes onto the previously printed black figures.

Dual Tone

Example of Watch Dial with Dual Tone

The surface of this dial has a combination of two tones, it could also be two colours or textures.

Coloured dials

Example of Watch Dial with Coloured Dial Example of Rolex Watch Dial with Yellow Dial

Most coloured dials can be supplied upon the request of the client.

Gold Inlaid Figures

Example of Watch Dial with Gold Inlaid Figures

Inlaid figures can be in gold, copper or silver. The process is complex and involves many stages and precision.

Applied Figures

Omega Seamaster Watch Dial After Restoration

The work involved for applied figures is intricate. First the old figures need to be removed, the dial is then restored and the figures likewise, and then finally re-applied.

Pearl Track

Example of Watch Dial with Pearl Track

This is an external minute/seconds track consisting of 60 pearl effect dots engraved into the surface of the dials, in a gold or silver tone.

SWISS Markings

Example of Watch Dial with Swiss Markings Restored

Swiss dial markings can be restored back to their original state.

Chronograph Track

Example of Watch Dial with Chronograph Track

Restoration is a long and complex process, which includes: restoring the dial, which is often in multiple tones, the restoration of the track and logo prints, again often in contrasting colours and there is finally the application of luminous detail.

Personalized Dials to client request

New Watch Dial Plate Template Example of a Custom Made Dial celebrating Inter Milan's Triple Winning Season

We offer this personalized service for our clients. The steel printing plates are made upto the individual specifications of the client.

Pocket Watches

Example of New Watch Dial

A new material is now available for pocket watches. It has all the properties and appearance of the old ceramic dials. If the watch doesnt have a brass dial base, one can be made, upon which this new material can be applied.

Missing dials

A dial can be totally remade for a watch or pocket watch.

Remaking of broken or missing feet

Soldering of new feet into dials can be supplied.

Recent Dial Restorations